Individuals who are involved in sports activities tend to experience some sort of injury while playing sport during their lifetime. The ankle joint is often prone to the risk of injuries that results in tremendous discomfort. Ankle ligament tear is one of the most common sports injuries that causes extreme pain in the ankle. It greatly reduces the range of motion, especially when the person tries to stretch the foot or leg.

Stem cell treatment for ankle ligament tears is an effective non-surgical solution for those who wish to avoid surgery. The non-surgical treatments for ankle ligament injury help to avoid the need for surgery and provide faster recovery from the treatment. Stem cell therapy is an advanced orthopedic therapy that is currently receiving huge popularity across the world.

Individuals who are involved in sports activities, such as volleyball, tennis, and basketball, are at high risk of developing ankle ligament injuries. Most of the professional athletes prefer a quick get back to their sport after the treatment for an injury. The stem cell therapy and super concentrated platelet (SCP) injections for ankle ligament tears help the damaged cells to heal faster and recover from injury.

Regenerative medicine for ankle problems provides a non-surgical treatment option with faster recovery and rehabilitation. Regenerative medicine techniques are an excellent treatment option for healing the injured tissues and degenerative conditions.

Treatment for ligament pain in the ankle by using stem cells heals the damaged ligament by enhancing the natural healing strength of the body. Ankle ligament tear occurs when there is a sudden twist or roll in the ankle. The ankle joint is bound by ligament connections that stabilize the foot.

Non-surgical treatment for torn ankle ligaments

Torn ankle ligaments cause sudden shooting pain in the ankle and swelling. Some people experience a cracking noise as the first signs of ligament tear. A sprained or torn ankle ligament can result in tenderness when touched. People with ankle ligament tears face extreme difficulty while walking.

Stem cell therapy for ankle ligament tears is a same-day, outpatient procedure where a patient need not stay back in the hospital during the recovery period. The stem cells are collected from the bone marrow of the patient. They are concentrated in the laboratory for their further use in the treatment. Depending on the severity and extent of the injury, the doctor will use a customized concentration of the stem cells to administer into the site of the damage.
The stem cells begin to act at the site of the injury by releasing certain growth factors that are essential to healing the injury. Stem cells reduce pain and swelling resulting from the ligament tear and enable the process of tissue regeneration.

For minor or acute ankle ligament sprains, super concentrated platelets (SCP) injections would serve the purpose of treating the injury. Platelets are found throughout the body and helpful in the process of blood clotting. Apart from enabling the blood clotting, platelets are utilized to treat injuries to provide faster and better recovery.

SCP therapy provides components that cater to the healing process and help in the tissue rebuilding process. In SCP therapy, higher concentrations of blood platelets are utilized that are nearly five to ten times more concentrated than the normal platelets.

Both the stem cells and platelet-rich plasma are precisely injected into the injury site with the help of image-guided techniques, such as digital X-ray fluoroscopy and ultrasound. The highly concentrated injections release healing substances to accelerate natural healing and speed up the recovery process.

Recovery and rehabilitation after stem cell treatment for ankle ligament tear

Faster recovery is one of the advantages of stem cell treatment for ankle pain. The stem cell treatment for ankle ligament tear enables a quick get back to the daily routines, unlike conservative modes of treatment. People who received stem cell therapy and SCP therapy can get back to their work within two to three days of the treatment. However, it is necessary to take essential care, and no stress should be imposed on the treated ankle joint at least for a few weeks after the treatment.

The time taken for rehabilitation after stem cell treatment for ankle ligament tears is very less. The patients who received stem cell therapy for ankle ligament tear should regularly practice physiotherapy exercises to enable faster and effective recovery from the treatment. Physiotherapy exercises ease the blood flow to the treated area, thereby enhancing the healing power in a better way. Regenerative stem cell treatment and SCP therapy for ankle ligament tear are an effective treatment option to avoid surgical intervention.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Can stem cells heal ankle ligament tears?

Stem cell treatment for ankle ligament tears provides complete healing of the injury. Stem cells have the potential to repair the damaged ligament and regenerate healthy tissue. Stem cells enhance the body’s natural healing by promoting tissue regeneration. Stem cells used in the treatment are autologous stem cells that are derived from the patient’s own bone marrow.

How many times does a person need to take stem cell injections?

regenerate healthy tissue at the site of the damage and heal the ankle ligament injury completely. Stem cells are the specialized cells that enable the body’s healing ability. Conservative treatments provide symptomatic relief, and in some chronic cases, a joint reconstruction surgery would be performed to heal the condition. Unlike conventional modes of treatment, one would not require multiple sets of stem cell injections to treat ankle ligament tear. However, in specific chronic cases, the doctor would administer super concentrated platelets (SCP) injections to stimulate the release of growth factors that heal the condition.

Is stem cell therapy ideal for any age group?

Stem cell treatments are usually given from the age of 16 years up to as old as an 80-year-old patient. However, only a regenerative orthopedic specialist would be able to review and analyze the condition of whether the patient is suitable for receiving stem cell therapy. This is based on the severity of the damage and overall health of an individual who is receiving stem cell treatment.

Does stem cell treatment for ankle pain work?

Stem cells are the unique cells in the human body that stimulate cell proliferation and repair the damaged part of the ankle, thereby providing pain relief and improving function. Stem cell treatment yields the best results in treating ankle ligament tears non-surgically. Stem cell therapy for ankle pain is safe and effective, which does not result in adverse effects. So far, there are numerous clinical trials that have proven the effectiveness of stem cells in addressing various orthopedic conditions.

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