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Foot and ankle injuries are quite common in athletes. Physical stress, changes in the structure of the joints in the foot, ligament sprain or tear are some of the most common foot and ankle ailments that greatly affect an individual’s movement. Surgery for foot and ankle injuries requires prolonged recovery and rehabilitation periods where a sportsperson cannot get back to playing his favourite sport immediately.

Stem cell therapy for foot and ankle injuries is an advanced orthopedic treatment option that enhances the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat the injury. Non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle injuries is the minimally-invasive orthopedic treatment that does not require an incision on the skin. Stem cell treatment for foot and ankle conditions is a highly advanced orthopedic therapy that is carried out with simple needle-based injections customized out of the patient’s bone marrow concentrate.

Advanced non-surgical treatments for foot and ankle pain

Regenerative medicine has taken over the most significant part in the field of orthopedics. It deals with tissue repair and regeneration with simple minimally-invasive procedures. Regenerative medicine has been a ray of hope to the people who are afraid to go for surgery for a foot and ankle injury.

Stem cell therapy for foot and ankle problems can address chronic pain and instability that makes it difficult for a person to move around. Bone marrow stem cells used in the ankle pain treatment are collected from the patient’s bone marrow. The treatment does not involve the usage of any external biological cells and does not involve any risk of side effects. Super concentrated platelet therapy (SCP) for foot and ankle utilizes the blood platelets of the patient to enhance the release of the growth factors that are essential for tissue regeneration.

Although the foot and ankle injuries are identified on an X-ray imaging scan, identifying the damaged cartilage tissue, severity and extent of damage can be visible with an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. Regenexx non-surgical procedures for foot and ankle are the most effective alternative to ankle fusion, replacement or surgery.

Regenexx stem cell therapy for ankles

Currently, stem cell treatment for foot and ankle injuries is the most advanced treatment option that enables tissue regeneration non-surgically. Toe osteoarthritis is a condition that develops when the cartilage in the toe begins to deteriorate. Arthritis of the toe can be treated non-surgically with Regenexx advanced same-day stem cell procedures. Stem cell treatment for toe osteoarthritis accelerates the repair of the damaged tissue and regrows healthy cartilage.

Non-surgical stem cell injections for ankle arthritis are prepared from the patient’s bone marrow-derived stem cells. The stem cells harvested from the bone marrow are concentrated in a laboratory to obtain a higher concentration suitable for the treatment. Depending on the type, extent and the severity of the injury, customized concentrations of stem cells are injected into the damaged tissue under the image-guided techniques, such as advanced fluoroscopy and ultrasound.

Ankle ligament injury can occur when there is a stretch or tear in the ankle joint. Ankle ligament injuries are extremely painful, making it difficult to walk as it imparts pressure on the ankle joints. Surgery for ankle ligament tears takes prolonged recovery periods. Stem cell therapy for ankle ligament injury enables the body’s natural healing mechanism, which treats the condition non-surgically with needle-based injections.

Super Concentrated Platelet (SCP) therapy for Foot and Ankle

Regenexx super concentrated platelet therapy for foot and ankle injuries heals the damaged tissues and repairs the ligaments non-surgically. Sometimes, ankle pain and injuries are not severe and can be treated with simple platelet injections by same-day or outpatient procedures. Ankle sprain or injuries can be effectively resolved with Regenexx super concentrated PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

The re-administration of concentrated blood platelets into the damaged area is a successful non-surgical therapy for the management of ligament sprains or tears and tendon tears. SCP therapy can be used alone depending on the extent of damage or can be used in combination with stem cell therapy to trigger the release of the growth factors needed for tissue regeneration.

Super concentrated platelet therapy for foot and ankle is completed in one session and most of them would not require another course of injections to treat the condition. The procedure is done under the image-guided techniques, such as fluoroscopy or ultrasound imaging. SCP therapy is a part of stem cell therapy that helps to maximize the effect of stem cells at the damaged site.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


For how long the patient has to stay in the hospital after stem cell treatment?

Stem cell therapy is a same-day, outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalization. The process includes a pre-injection on the first day, which is followed by the collection of stem cells from the bone marrow on the second day, which is called bone marrow aspiration. Now, the stem cells are concentrated and are administered into the injured site during the latter part of the day.

Is stem cell treatment for foot and ankle a safe procedure?

Stem cell therapy for foot and ankle ailments is a highly safe and effective treatment option that does not result in any side effects. The stem cells used in the procedure are collected from the patient’s bone marrow. Since the stem cells are harvested from the patient to be treated, the chances of treatment rejection is zero.

For how long one needs to be on medication after stem cell therapy for foot and ankle?

Minimally-invasive stem cell treatment does not require any post-procedure medication, unlike post-surgery. However, there would be medications given to subside the pain resulting from injection and a few nutritional supplements post-treatment.

How many stem cell injections are needed for ankle osteoarthritis treatment?

Stem cells are the unique cells that repair damaged tissue permanently. Stem cell therapy is an advanced minimally-invasive procedure where the stem cells begin to work at the injured site and regrow healthy tissue. The repair and regrowth of the healthy tissue begins after few weeks of receiving the treatment. In some instances, stem cell therapy is followed by SCP therapy to accelerate tissue regeneration with the help of the growth factors provided by the blood platelets.

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