The musculoskeletal system of our hand and wrist enables the movement of our hand to perform our everyday tasks. Hand and wrist injuries significantly affect a person’s ability for daily chores. Sportspersons are often prone to the risk of hand and wrist injuries that makes them stay away from playing their favourite sport. Conservative treatments for hand and wrist conditions might require longer periods of time for recovery. RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy for wrist and hand is an advanced non-surgical treatment that enables faster healing and recovery from the injury.

Whether it is to host a program or to pursue any of your favourite hobbies, such as painting a piece of art or drawing, pain in the wrist or the hand can stop you from doing them. Most of us prefer instant relief so that we can get back to work. But, taking an instant pain reliever will not address the underlying condition that is causing pain. Repetitive hand and wrist movements can cause pain, swelling, and bruising, thereby leading to an inability to move the hand. Our biological cells can facilitate and enhance tissue regeneration in a much faster way than anticipated.

Regenerative medicine is an advanced branch of medicine that deals with the research in tissue regeneration and repair. It has currently evolved as an effective treatment option for various medical conditions including orthopedic injuries. The regenerative treatment process enables tissue repair and regeneration of the healthy tissue. Advanced regenerative treatments for orthopedic conditions like hand and wrist problems provide faster recovery with less time for rehabilitation.

An effective alternative to hand and wrist surgery

RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy and super concentrated platelets therapy (SCP) are the advanced procedures for orthopedic conditions. These methods are the cutting-edge treatment options to avoid the need for surgical intervention for hand and wrist problems. RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy for hand and wrist orthopedic injuries repairs the damaged tissue and regenerates healthy tissue without surgery. Stem cell therapy provides an array of hope to those who require surgery to address chronic or long-lasting wrist and hand pain.

Wrist and hand pain can occur due to a sprain or any underlying medical condition, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger. Surgery for wrist and hand problems requires hospitalization and recovery takes a prolonged period of time. Also, surgery involves a risk of complications and the development of side effects like post-surgical infections and nerve damage, which might delay the recovery even more.

Arthritis of the thumb, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) tear and trigger finger are some of the common hand and wrist problems that show a significant impact on regular activities. RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy and super concentrated platelet therapies help you get back to routines with a strong and healthy connective tissue without surgery.

Stem cells are the specialized cells in the human body that have an ability to develop into various cell types and enhance the body’s natural healing ability. There has been extensive research carried out in the usage of stem cells for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Stem cells retrieved from the patient’s bone marrow are concentrated in the laboratory to obtain a higher concentration of the stem cells. Stem cell treatment regenerates healthy tissue in the regions where there is tissue damage in the wrist and hand. The therapy reduces the pain and inflammation in the affected joints, thereby improving the mobility and functionality of the hand.

Super concentrated platelet (SCP) therapy for wrist and hand

Apart from aiding in blood clotting, platelets help in repairing the damaged tissue in the body. SCP injections aid in tissue repair & regeneration non-surgically. During the process, blood is drawn from the vein in the hand of the patient and concentrated in a lab. The concentrated plasma at our lab contains 15-20 times concentrated form of the plasma, which is used in the treatment.

SCP injections are administered into the injured part of the wrist or hand under local anesthesia. This is an effective treatment option for the professional who is in search of a safe treatment to alleviate soreness in the hands or wrists.

Advantages of stem cell treatment for wrist and hand conditions

Stem cells therapy is an advanced non-surgical treatment option that utilizes one’s own stem cells for the treatment. Stem cells are the specialized cells that enhance the body’s natural healing mechanism when injected at the site of the injury. When stem cells are administered at the site of injury, they begin to heal the damaged tissue within a few weeks of receiving the stem cell injections.

Stem cell therapy is a same-day, outpatient procedure where the patient need not stay in hospital. The procedures do not involve an incision on the skin and do not carry any risk of post-surgical infections, unlike surgery.

Post-treatment care

Stem cell therapy is an advanced procedure that enables faster recovery from wrist and hand injuries. However, one should take extreme care after the treatment and should not impose excessive pressure on the treated hand joint. Post-treatment physiotherapy helps to improve the blood flow & mobility to the treated joint and accelerates the process of healing. Physiotherapy sessions after the treatment aid in faster recovery.

Our clinics can help you get rid of orthopedic pain with advanced stem cell treatments. Do visit our clinic in Hyderabad and Mumbai or contact us at 7306070809 for more information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Does carpal tunnel stem cell treatment result in side effects?

Non-surgical stem cell injections used for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome are highly safe and effective methods. The stem cells for wrist injuries treatment do not result in any side effects nor post-procedure complications, unlike surgical intervention.

Will RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy for the wrist and hand carry any risk of rejection?

The stem cells employed in the procedure are the patient’s own bone marrow-derived stem cells. As the cells used in the RegenOrthoSport stem cell therapy are the autologous cells, the chances of rejection is zero.

What are the benefits of SCP therapy for wrist and hand pain?

Super concentrated platelet plasma encourages the tissue regeneration process. The proteins present in the plasma accelerate the tissue regeneration and benefit the patient in the process of healing. SCP therapy reduces pain and inflammation, thereby enabling faster healing from the injury.

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