Neck pain is one of the most common health problems faced by many people across the world. It mainly occurs due to the stress or strain imposed on the next muscles. Neck pain can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition that would become chronic when left untreated. In severe cases of neck pain, surgery would be the ultimate option for relieving the pain resulting from spinal cord compression. Surgical intervention for neck pain requires long periods of recovery and rehabilitation that makes a person difficult to cope with.

Stem cell therapy for neck pain is an advanced non-surgical treatment option to avoid surgery and extended periods of recovery. Regenerative medicine is currently paving the way for minimally-invasive orthopedic treatments that need very minimal to zero downtime for recovery. Regenerative therapies are the best treatment options in this fast-paced world where people wish a faster get back to their routines.

Neck pain

Our neck or cervical spine is linked with a network of nerves, joints, and muscles that play a pivotal role in providing support and enable mobility of the head. Problems in the nerve pathways that pass to the spinal cord can cause pain in the neck that could be a sign of an underlying medical problem. Also, it can result from poor posture while leaning forward during desk work. Neck pain needs prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment to avoid further complications.

Neck pain gets worsened while holding the head stable for a longer period of time, such as sitting in front of a computer for more extended periods of time or while driving. The muscle spasms resulting from neck pain can cause headache and decrease the ability to move the head in specific directions. Neck pain can be persistent for several days, which can be accompanied by numbness and weakness.

Causes of Neck Pain

Pain in the neck can be due to certain diseases and disorders that involve tissues in the neck. Some of the common conditions that cause neck pain are degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, a pinched nerve, herniated disc, neck stain, osteoarthritis, and spondylosis. Also, neck pain can result from the involvement in contact sports and vehicle accidents.

Regenerative procedure for neck pain – Platelet lysate (PL)

The nerves in the spinal discs transmit signals to different parts of the body, including the peripheral regions. Also, degenerative discs can cause neck pain that often accompanies weakness and tingling sensation in the arms and hands.

Neck pain regenerative treatment is a novel therapy for relieving the pain without medications and surgery. The blood platelets used in the procedure are collected from the patient’s blood sample and re-infused into the injured or damaged part of the neck. The patients who received PL injections will respond to the treatment anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks of getting the injection. Blood platelets release a protein known as a cytokine that reduces the inflammation and aids in repairing the damaged tissue, thereby alleviating the neck pain.

Platelets for cervical pain not only focuses on just neck pain but also aids in healing the damaged tissue. Patients who received platelet injection for neck pain find improvement in the pain levels within a few weeks of administration.

Platelet lysate for acute and chronic neck pain is the ideal treatment option for long-term pain relief to lead a pain-free lifestyle. Blood platelets for neck pain are the successful treatment options to alleviate neck pain with the best results. The doctor who does stem cell & blood platelet treatments is an interventional orthopedic specialized doctor who is an expert in minimally invasive treatments.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does platelet lysate procedure work for chronic neck pain?

Regenerative medicine is an advanced way of treating health conditions by replacing the damaged tissue with healthy tissue without surgery. Blood platelets / platelet lysate aids in reducing the compression, pain and inflammation in the cervical spine which can enhance the body’s natural healing mechanism and accelerate the process of healing without surgery.

How many sessions of platelet lysate injections are needed for neck pain?

Once the blood is collected from the patient, platelets are concentrated and injected back into the patient’s cervical spine, they begin to accelerate the body’s healing mechanism. Platelet lysate procedure can eliminate / decrease chronic neck pain once the platelets begin to show their response in the damaged area. Most of the patients will not require more than 1 – 2 set of injections. However, patients with severe degenerative disc conditions will require additional injections after a few weeks of time.

Is a 70 year old person eligible to get platelet lysate therapy for neck pain?

Platelet lysate therapy is a safe procedure for people above 70 years of age. It is an effective therapy to relieve neck pain non-surgically. However, depending on the severity of the condition, extent of damage, and other health conditions, the doctor would be able to evaluate rightly if the candidate is suitable to receive the therapy.

Is non-surgical orthopedic treatment with platelet lysate painful?

The platelets that are processed and prepared are injected into the patient’s body precisely under fluoroscopic visualization. The process is done under local anesthesia to numb the area that is to be treated. The procedure can be a little painful and might cause slight discomfort. The pain resulting from injections might remain for 1 or 2 days and is addressed by pain medications. Once the patient is stable and comfortable after the procedure, they can go home on the same day after a few minutes of the treatment.

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