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Stem Cell Therapy Dallas

Office and stem cell therapy, that’s basically what our main line of practice in Dallas. We do significant amount of stem cell treatments. When you say therapy, therapy is basically, and many believe laser injection based therapy stem cell injection, stem cell therapy, stem cell treatment. These are all what we offer in the Dallas Regionexx Office, as well as the Tulsa Office, as well.

When we talk about stem cells, how they function, it’s one of the questions a lot people ask, hey, what are stem cells? Stem cells are basically, we all have stem cells. They’re like the building blocks of our body. If you have an injury or any kind of issue that needs to be healed, our stem cells and platelets, they go into that body part and start healing. You have a degeneration and it’s significant injuries, scar tissue, and loss of blood supply, and tears and stuff, our body does not have the capability of healing by itself. The stem cells, even though you have them in your body, they may not be having enough routes to get in there and form a new tissue, so we help that part.

What we do is we take your stem cells, we call it procedure, that means we’re taking it from your own body, stem cells mainly from the crest area. We process those stem cells and we inject the stem cells back into the affected body part. Stem cells have a capability of transforming into multiple. It can be cartilage. It can become a ligament. It can become a tendon. It can transform, not only transforms into the tissue, it also grows in thickness, so we’re actually regenerating a degenerated pot basically. Those are the capable tiers of stem cells. It also produces new blood supply.

All these functions are reestablished with the help of stem cells. Again, stem cells need a help of plasma platelets so we always inject platelets along with stem cells. Platelets are the ones that can stimulate the stem cells and tell them what to do. They transform into that native tissue. All of this is done with the help of a needle. All the procedures that we perform are outpatient based. They’re all performed under either ultrasound or x-ray guidance. They have minimal issues of failing, minimal issues of infection, or any of those surgical complications can be avoided with these kind of procedures.

These stem cells have tremendous capabilities. Also, some questions of whether I’m prone to cancer, that kind of questions come with these cells, and since concerning, these are your, these are your own blood cells so that risk is not there at all. Basically, we’re using your own product so we do that thing in the Dallas Office. These are the similar procedures, the based procedures that we do.

Just to give you an example on the stem cell therapy. We have a lot of patients that we see on a daily basis but just to give you one example. This particular patient, very active individual, 49-year-old. He does cross fit and all that thing. Very active. You want to stay active but he’s been having knee problems for the last four to five years and his MRI show a meniscus tear, as well as mild [inaudible 00:03:59], so he’s not able to do what he loves to do. Surgical recommendations by his surgeon was, hey, let’s go replace the whole knee. The patient is not ready for the last two years, he’s like, what can I do? He’s really depressed and stuff. We have seen this patient and he basically wants … Hey, get me out on the field. I want to be active. I’m healthy and no problems.

That’s a typical patient that can significantly get better because he’s motivated. He wants to get better so he wanted to get the stem cell treatment. We have seen him in the Dallas Office. We evaluated him. We told him you have some degeneration going on so you may get significant improvement with the stem cells and plasma. Again, everybody’s skeptical until it’s done and seen. The stem cell procedure has been provided on this patient as an outpatient basis. Then we gave him some home instruction, exercise routine to be done the first week, second week, after the third week we have let him loose a little bit into athletic activities as he’s tolerating better and better, but we were careful for the first two months.

Now he’s playing at the highest level and he’s been selected by the US Army to go into the field. He comes back and tells, that’s the single greatest thing that he has even made the decision on. Those are the kind of stories that makes us feel like, okay, we can help people to get back to what they love doing.

These stem cell therapy’s, stem cell injections, have the capability. There again, not everybody’s a phenomenally great candidate but almost everybody gets improvement. Some people may be getting significant improvement but almost everybody becomes a candidate for these kind of stem cell related procedures. We see those kind of patients in Dallas Office significantly.

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