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Stem cell research. It’s very important to have research behind what you’re doing. We cannot say we’re all experts and gurus in this kind of therapy, without the research we basically will be just trying to do new things.

The Dallas facility of Regenexx, which we provide, is basically, a researched-based product that we offer. As I mentioned the research for the stem cells is vast throughout the world. It’s all in bits and pieces, you have evidence in certain body parts works much better than the other. Were not really depending on too much evidence from a foreign country or a different group. We have for Regenexx is a group for stem cells, including the Dallas facility have a dedicated research facility.

The research part in providing the treatment recommendations is very important for us, and we consider that as the number one priority, even in upcoming years. The research articles on stem cells, the effect of stem cells in orthopedic conditions has been published throughout the world. We’re proud to say our Regenexx Dallas, Colorado offices, and multiple other offices combined, we’re proud to say we own at least thirty percent of those research articles in the field of regenerative medicine. That’s a huge number. One-third of anything that you read about stem cells, plasma rich platelets, ontological stem cells, regenerative orthopedics, information on orthopedics, thirty percent of that literature you read anywhere, any published articles, is all done by us, and we say Regenexx as a group.

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We’re proud to say the research is a big part behind our progress. We continue to do that then. It’s an evolving field. Stem cells, we hear so many wonderful things about stem cells. The research is as important as the clinical application that we are doing. We expect to see more and more significant breakthroughs in the field of research in stem cells. Again, as I said, our Dallas office, Tulsa office, and we all follow the exact protocols, and we thrive on those kind of treatments.

The research is being done in multiple body parts. Stem cell knees, shoulders. We have done stem cell research in the meniscus tears, and we have published multiple articles where there’s significant improvement of growth and regeneration as well as healing done in meniscus. That’s a significant amount of articles we have done, and a significant amount of knee arthritis and the chondral loss. Grade I, grade II, how the stem cells have grown. We have done research with MRIs before the procedure, and MRIs after the stem cell procedure, and there is a significant amount of growth and regeneration has happened, both in the research part as well as in clinical cases what we’re seeing in the last three and a half, four years that we’ve been offering these procedures.

There is data published on the knees, the is data published on the shoulders, the rotator cuff tears, and there is significant research data we published on hip injuries, labral injuries as well as hip arthritis, and ankle arthritis as well. We’re also working on stem cell into the disc. Research and data studies are going on right now, and we have significant information on plasma lysates and epidural space, and we have done those researches.

Basically most of the body parts that we can think of, we have had a significant amount of research. You can go on the website and there is a significant amount of published articles and research in the field of stem cells regenerative medicine. You can obtain that from our Dallas office as well.

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