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Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Dallas | Part 1

Now we’re offering stem cell therapy, which is also called regenerative orthopedics and also called interventional orthopedics, these days. We’re offering that in Dallas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area and entire Texas. Even we have patients from Houston coming in and multiple cities around Dallas as well, because as a Regenexx provider we are the only one in this whole state of Texas. It’s kind of a proximity issue for them so we get significant amount of patients from the city itself in Dallas.

What we are offering again is, as we said, the cutting edge latest regenerative therapies. As I said, like most common patients that we see are the knee patients because knee arthritis is very common, either whether an athletic injury or a degenerative condition or wear or tear or old age issue. Again, it’s a weight bearing joint so it needs significant amount of treatment. Without not able to walk you can’t establish a lot of your daily activities. It’s a very important organ.

Again, not everybody with a bad knee is a candidate for total knee replacement or knee surgery. Not everybody is there, but some of them it’s too late and it’s end-stage, they may need total knee replacement. In Dallas and Fort Worth what we are offering is somebody with issues like that and mild to moderate issues or even like average amount of arthritis, but not a surgical candidate and not ready to go for surgery. We were talking about if 10 people have the issues almost 8 of them do not need surgery right away. All these 8 people become a good, good candidate in the Dallas area to get the treatments that we’re talking about.

We’re talking about autologous stem cell injections, injections from your own bone marrow. We aspirate those things and we re-inject back into the knee under ultrasound guidance or x-ray guidance.

In the Dallas area we’ve been getting tremendous inquiries and tremendous interest. As I said, prior to us being there there was no Regenexx provider that was doing the stem cell therapies. We’re proud to say that I think we’re ready to offer more and more treatments in that area.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Dallas

Knees is one thing that we commonly see. We also have of lot of patients that come with bad backs. Either mildly degenerative disks or facet arthritis. Back pain is one of the most commonest things that we see. We have a significant amount of patients in Dallas for that purpose as well. Even Texas, per se, it’s a huge state and the amount of population it has there’s always a significant amount of need. Either you’re getting kinds of physical therapy treatments or you’re going up to a surgical fusion type. Now we have these things in between the regenerative therapies where we can potentially avoid any kind of major surgery. All of these are available treatments that were not there a few years ago.

In Dallas, I would say, we have treated many high profile athletes as well. As well as weekend warriors, we have some people in the political field as well, but what I’m saying is it’s a procedure for everybody. It’s not only high level athletes. Most of our patients are weekend warriors, or regular people that like to stay fit, active. Also some people just want to enjoy their life, they just want to walk instead of wheelchair bound. There are all kinds of patients that become candidates for regenerative stem cell procedures or cellular therapy which it’s commonly called.

These things are I would say something new and more and more people are finding out. They’re doing a lot of research. They’re watching on TV and they’re talking to people who have gotten it done. In the last couple to three years it has become more of the common feature for them. It is not a “strange new procedure” in Dallas like that, it’s more like “Oh, okay, maybe I can get it done.” That’s what we’re seeing in Dallas these days. Yeah.

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