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Stem Cell Therapy For Knees Dallas | Part 2

As a Regenexx provider, when we say Regenexx is … Regenexx is the authority in these autologous stem cell, orthopedic stem cell procedures. Me being in Dallas, I’m the only Regenexx provider in Dallas, or Texas, the whole of Texas and in Oklahoma. We will provide the top quality care which has been backed by significant research. Most of our Regenexx network is fully based on data. We’re talking about our own data, so the Regenexx as a group have collected significant amount of data over the last several years because we have done most number of procedures. We follow them, we have full time researchers working on it.

That would help us, so we would say we’re much better this year even compared to last year, and we’re going to be much better next year thanks to our research team and data and our patient feedback. In Dallas, when we started this thing a few months ago, there was tremendous response. Patients are looking. We have something available now. There also a lot of skepticism, like, “What is this? We hear this thing only some athletes getting it, so is it safe, is it not safe?” When we started in Dallas, and those were a lot of questions. Again, once they get a little familiar, we educate them.

This procedure has almost become mainstream right now. It is not that elite athletes anymore. This is significantly a very commonly affordable procedure these days. Considering the benefits you’re getting out of this procedure, so we are getting tremendous, I would say, interest in this procedure. When we started in Dallas and we’ve been getting patients from all over Texas and surrounding states, wondering about what are the stem cell procedures for the knee joint, for their ankle joint. We have [Lala Ferorio 02:06] athletes as well rotator cuff injuries. We have degenerative patients with the wear and tear of the knee meniscus, hip arthritis, lower back spine problems.

We have the young students and athletes as well. There is a wide spectrum of patients that have minimal issues with their joints that does not need surgery. There are always those end stage patients that it’s too late for them and they may need a surgical alternative. If you catch them early or mid stage moderate level of arthritis, there’s significant amount of relief and improvement that we can provide these days. The Dallas area is huge and the amount of patient inquiries we’ve been getting was significant.

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When we started versus now, there is a lot of familiarity about these procedures for a lot of people. There’s so much online that they can read about it, so when they come in and we explain it to them. They have already seen one of their friends or family members get a procedure done, and they see them walking great and no pain and then they say, “Hey Doc, can I have this thing?” We have our office locations in Grapevine, Southlake Area, so that’s closer to the highway. As we said, the Regenexx has multiple offices throughout the country. At the present time we are 26 physicians doing similar procedures, but in this area, so I will be the one doing in Dallas Regenexx stem cell procedures of plasma rich platelets.

We typically have the same protocols throughout the country. That’s one way of maintaining the quality control, so we can definitely tell we all move forward together, because this is an evolving field. We’re getting better and better every year, more and options are coming in. We’re very excited to be in that market and trying to help a lot of people that are in need. A lot of people are just waiting. Some of the people think, “Okay, surgery’s my only alternative, but I’m too young,” or, “I’m not there, so I have to suffer until 5, 10 years or …” these are the kind of patients are showing up in our Dallas office, calling us. We have a significant amount of treatment options being made available these days.

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