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The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that has a broad range of motion. It can withstand a certain amount of wear and tear beyond which it leads to weakening of the bones, thereby developing various hip conditions. Hip tendon tear is one such problem that causes pain and weakness in the hip joint that can be quite bothersome. Surgery for hip tendon tear treatment requires hospitalization and might have chances of developing post-procedure complications.

Stem cell therapy for hip tendon tears is a novel minimally-invasive orthopedic therapy that does not involve lengthy recovery and rehab. Hip tendon injury causes difficulty in performing tasks in our day-to-day life. Regenerative medicine is one of the best advancements in the field of medicine that gives a hope of tissue repair and regeneration by using our biological cells as the therapeutic agents to repair and regenerate tissue.

Hip tendon tears

Tendons are the fibrous tissues that connect bones to the muscles in our body. Hip tendon tears are most common in the people who play sports. The repetitive motion of the hip joint while getting involved in sports or any strenuous activity results in tendon tears. Any overuse injury or degenerative changes in the hip joint can lead to a partial or complete hip tendon tear.
The pain resulting from hip tendon tears aggravates on prolonged sitting or walking, running, and while climbing stairs.

Alternative treatments to hip tendon tears

Hip injuries cause severe pain and limit our movement. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications can address the symptoms but cannot treat the underlying condition. Surgery for hip tendon tears can repair the damage and restore the function with the prolonged process of recovery and rehabilitation. Regenerative stem cell and blood platelet therapies are advanced non-surgical orthopedic procedures that can treat hip tendon tears non-surgically.

Stem cell treatment for hip tendon tear

Stem cell treatment for hip tendonitis is a non-surgical treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing mechanism for the repair of damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy for hip tendon tears is the most significant breakthrough in regenerative medicine. It enhances the body’s healing process naturally by repairing the damage caused to the tissues. The bone marrow derived stem cells used in the treatment are rich in growth factors that enhance healing from within.

The stem cells collected from the bone marrow are concentrated and injected into the site of injury. This is performed under the guidance of X-ray fluoroscopy or ultrasound imaging for precise administration of the stem cells. Within a few days of the treatment, the stem cells begin to activate the response by replacing the damaged tissue with healthy tissue.

Super concentrated platelets (SCP) treatment for hip tendon tear

Regenerative therapy with blood platelets heals hip tendon tears with simple minimally-invasive procedures, which are the same-day, outpatient protocols. The platelets contains growth factors that repair the damaged tissue effectively. The blood collected from the patient’s body is concentrated in the lab to obtain a customized SCP. The SCP injection is given into the affected hip joint under the image-guidance techniques. Within a few weeks of receiving the SCP injections, the growth factors released to enhance the body’s natural healing ability to heal the damaged tendon tear.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can a hip tendon tear be diagnosed?

X-ray imaging or MRI scan are recommended to diagnose a hip tendon tear. But, MRI scan gives the most accurate diagnosis as soft tissues are not shown up on an X-ray scan. MRI scan helps the doctor to evaluate the extent and severity of the tendon tear.

Do we need to take any medications after receiving super concentrated platelets (SCP) therapy?

SCP therapy helps to repair the tissue damage and replace the same by accelerating the growth of new healthy tissue. This happens due to the presence of growth factors in the SCP that is injected into the patient’s body. The post-management care for SCP therapy is minimal where there is no requirement of medications after the treatment. However, the doctor would recommend specific supplements that are helpful for faster regeneration of the tissue.

Can a diabetic patient receive stem cell therapy for hip tendon tears?

Diabetes doesn’t interfere with the process of tissue regeneration. Patients with diabetes can receive both stem cell therapy and SCP therapy to heal the hip tendon damage. However, please let the doctor know the history of your medical conditions while you visit for a consultation.

Does stem cell therapy for hips work?

Stem cell therapy can heal the damaged hip tendon tear without the need for surgery. It is an effective non-surgical treatment option to treat chronic and degenerative conditions of the hips. The patients who receive stem cell treatment for hips experience pain relief and improved function after 2 to 6 weeks of the procedure.

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I am a 70+ male who had accepted dibillitating shoulder pain as a given for the rest of my life. 2 surgeons told me that shoulder replacement was my only option and that would not address my arthritis pain.

When I heard about Regenexx and Regen Ortho Sport, I was skeptical to say the least. After much research, I contacted Regen and had an MRI on both shoulders. I spoke with Dr. Movva and he told me the procedure would help me but couldn't guarantee the range of motion I had as a teenager.

I had the procedure in both shoulders and the arthritis pain was gone within 2 weeks. I have full range of motion in both shoulders within 4 months-PAIN FREE!!. Pain no longer wakes me up at night.

The results seem too good to be true but they are true. All the staff made me feel right at home from the beginning - I couldn't ask for a better experience.

This technology is amazing. My knees are really good - no pain. I had them done in February. Have stem cells - please don’t have knee replacements.

Went here on a friend's referral to have stem cells pulled from my back and placed into my knees. The staff is amazing and patient. I had lots of questions and several scheduling issues. Dr. Movva was very gracious as well. I'll update this post 6 months from now to see if I can feel a healing going on.

I had been experiencing severe ankle pain for almost two years. I was barely able to walk 100 feet without having to rest. It was determined that I had several issues, arthritis, ligament damage, and bone spurs. I was hoping for some relief, maybe within a few months. To my amazement, after the fourth day, my pain was almost completely gone! This is day six and I just walked half a mile, PAIN FREE. This result is beyond my wildest expectation. Great job doc !!!