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Dallas Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

Let’s talk about stem cell therapy. What is a stem cell therapy. I want to just make a clarity between … There’s a lot of literature online. When you read it, sometimes you see umbilical cord therapy, embryonic stem cell, what is this? What am I getting? That is the most common question. There are also questions about, “Hey, stem cell therapy. Am I at risk of cancer?” A lot of people ask about it.

Basically, these stem cells we’re talking about are called mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells are bone marrow derived from your own body. They have potential to become into a few tissues, they can become a cartilage, they can become a ligament, tendon, muscle, bone, few of blood vessels. Few of orthopedic related growth. They will not form other tissues like the heart, lungs, and stuff. When you hear about somebody is growing an ear, those are all really different. We’re talking about embryonic stem cells, and nothing to do with the USA. Those are all, you we see them a lot in Europe, Asia, and a lot of those countries.

We’re talking about mesenchymal stem cells, which are bone marrow of your own bone marrow. Not like somebody else’s. That’s what we’re talking about. These cells have tremendous capability of … In a region, rating the tissue that you have lost. What we do is, we aspirate the bone marrow, and we process the mesenchymal stem cells. Those mesenchymal stem cells, as I said, we concentrate those things minimally so that they will be ready to be injected into the area of the problem.

We’re looking into a knee, the reason I say knee is because knee is one of the most common joints that people have issues with. They could be losing some articular cartilage area, they can some loss of, what we call a chondral loss, in that area. As well as, they could have a meniscus tear. They start developing some bone-on-bone type of issues, and bone spurs. Those are the kind of patients, we aspirate the bone marrow, we re-inject back, and we place them precisely into the areas of the problems, like a meniscus tear. We can do that. The chondral loss, we can do that thing as well. Even a partial ACL tear without complete destruction has shown tremendous success.

There are several conditions that are seen on a normal day to day basis, can be avoided … Surgical need is avoided in these kind of patients. This is a tremendous opportunity these days. This option was not available for like five or six years ago. We have no other option. This is almost like a revolutionary invention, I would say starting from antibiotics. When they came in, it was a great thing, and this is going to be the future of medicine.

It is already going that direction. Capability of your own body to heal your own tissue. What we’re doing is, we’re trying to help that. Take those group of stem cells, and putting it into the area of the problem, and helping your own body grow the tissue that you have lost. That’s basically the theory behind these kind of procedures. The beauty of this is the downtime. There is no cutting involved, you’re not really having six months of rehab to get back into routine.

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The question of failure. Is it going to fail? You’re putting stuff that’s good for your body. There’s no question of failure or negative side effects. It’s about minimal downtime, and you get back into your routine. The whole idea is you’re preserving your native tissue. That’s the whole goal. The whole goal is we’re not taking a tissue away, we’re kind of keeping your own tissue, but solidifying it and making it more functional and healthy.

It’s a win-win for the patient to keep their nature structures intact. Considering a shoulder rotator-cuff tear, the options are: if it’s a complete tear, then obviously you need surgical intervention to tie it up, but if it’s partial tears, these procedures do phenomenally well. The cells go in, and they can heal that area, and avoid a surgery. Surgery may be good in certain cases, but not in all the cases. This is a great option for those kind of issues as well.

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