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The research behind the Regenexx procedures that we’re talking about is vast. There’s significant research, Dr. Centeno is one of the pioneers in cellular medicine and he’s one of the first few guys that brought this kind of influential procedures in Colorado. We joined hands, few of other like minded people, we all joined hands and the Regenexx as a group is expanding throughout the country. We are significantly based on our research, that our research shows and we’re using that data for the future patients. It is very important for us to know whether this is working, whether this is safe, what kind of results we’re getting, what we can recommend to patients. We need to have a data base too.

The research team, we have a significant amount of research team. We have full time researchers working and the protocol is about a fit. As clinicians, we use our skills to perform the procedures and so it’s like a multidisciplinary group, when you talk about Regenexx stem cell therapy, it’s not like, hey, coming to a doctor, he’s doing an injection and you’re done. There’s so much behind it. There is so much research, there’s so much resources that have been put into it, so it’s statisticians, researchers, clinicians and patients are involved in this one as well. This is years and years of work and then they come up with protocols that are significantly safe and that we all use, Regenexx providers always use proprietary equipment. We do not use any kind of a bedside automated machines and stuff. We have done significant amount of research behind these things.

We use proprietary equipment, proprietary techniques and even the mixes, when we say like platelets, it’s not the same platelet what you see everywhere else. This is a … We have worked hard to form very effective way of using these cells and when they get put it back into your body, how are they going to react? How are they going to survive? We have spend a significant amount of resources behind, coming to these protocols. Again, as we said, every year, we’re getting significant improvement in functionality as well as the cells are doing much better. As I said, we’ll be much, much better in the coming years as well. The research is one of our pivotal, focal points when we recommend a treatment. That’s what we’re proud of.

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We do have data in almost every procedure that we recommend in the field of stem cell injections. In Dallas, Regenexx office that’s exactly the protocol we use. We have a fully functional lab par Regenexx standards, as well as all the protocols, we use all Regenexx data-based and research-based recommendation. We’re clinicians but still we have a significant amount of team that’s helping us to be where we are and we’re able to provide these treatments. As you know, outside US, there is significant amount of treatments done in, you can have embryonic, umbilical cord, there’s so much going on. Again, a lot of caution or Hey, is there enough research behind this?” We’re proud to say, out of the stem cell therapies that Regenexx Dallas office and even Tulsa office, we’re proud say, “Hey, we’re offering and we have significant data behind what we recommend.”

When I tell you as a doctor, “Hey, you may expect this kind of improvement from the stem cell therapy,” that’s means we’re not just pulling out of the air and telling, but that’s kind of categorization we do on patients that will give you a data that’s kind of suits and that gives an expectation on the patient, how much improvement they can expect and whether they’re good candidates or not, then the patient can decide on themselves. We pride in that one and we continue to do. Our dedication is to grow the research side of it and evolve and create more and more newer techniques in the coming years as well.

The Regenexx Foundation has received a humongous donation. Our research facility, the Regenexx stem cell facility is more like university standard. We have the “state of the art” equipment, we have full time employees working in the lab. Every year, they’re coming up with a tremendous data that’s very useful for us as clinicians to use it in daily practices. We have to say that’s a big part of our success so far. We continue to focus and do that thing as we go, as we move on into the future.

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