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Dallas Stem Cell Injections

Let’s talk about stem cell injections in Dallas. As I said, we have started our Dallas office, and we’re providing stem cell injections. These are always known as regenerative injections. When you hear about plasma platelets, PRP injections, stem cell injections, cellular injections in Dallas, that’s basically what we’re talking about. We are providing Regenexx stem cell injections in Dallas. Regenexx, basically, is our brand name, where we have a propriety method of processing stem cells and injecting them. This is basically involved a tremendous amount of research Regenexx has researched on a data-driven practice models, which we applied.

We’re like twenty-six people, I guess, throughout the country, providing Regenexx procedures, and I’m providing in Dallas, Texas, Houston area, as well as in Oklahoma. Wherever you see a Regenexx brand, typically, we’re all doing the same thing, because in the world of stem cells and the region rate of medicine, interventional orthopedics, regenerative orthopedics, you have to have some kind of unity in the sense, like a power in doing research, because these are relatively new fields and tremendous potential. The popularity is growing, and we need to have a quality maintenance through the board. That’s why we have teamed up together and believe in our research product, as well as clinical outcomes that we’ve been getting, and the patients’ feedbacks. This is an absolutely safe procedure, so there is no issues with the safety. That helps us provide these procedures. That’s why we’re doing it in Dallas, DFW area, Fort Worth, as well as Texas and Houston areas, providing these procedures to most of the patients that are good candidates.

A lot of patients in the Dallas area, they’re looking for alternatives. They’re looking for surgical alternatives. “Hey, I have a problem with my ankle or my hip or knee or shoulder, neck, whatever, but I’m too young. I really don’t need surgery, so what else can be done? I have a torn meniscus, or I have a minor tear. Do I really need a major surgery for that one? Are there any surgical alternatives?” That’s the kind of patients we get lot of inquiries as in Regenexx. We do get a lot of inquiries, “hey, am I a candidate for stem cell procedures, stem cell injections?” They can be called as a multiple names, but the cellular therapy or plasma rich platelet injections.

We validate those patients. We look into their MRIs. We examine the patients. Sometimes we talk to them over the phone if they’re in a remote location, and we decide if these are the right kind of patients, and these stem cell treatments are the right fit for these patients, basically. All these factors decide who becomes a good candidate, and then what they can expect out of those procedures, results-wise. What we are seeing clinically these days is significant amount. We’re talking about like a high amount of patients, are successfully avoiding any kind of a surgical treatment at a later point. We’re able to catch it early, heal it, and reverse it, rather than let it degenerate and let it go to the next stage. That’s where a lot of people are searching for these kind of stem cell therapies, stem cell injections. As I said, even in the office in Dallas, we get a significant amount of inquiries in that regard.

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Surgical alternatives is one other way of people looking for it. It’s not necessarily all degenerative conditions. Even an acute injury, for example. “Hey, you need surgery. You got a meniscus tear. You need surgery.” But now, people are pausing it, looking at, “Oh, why do I need surgery? Can I get without surgery?” As we know, surgery has multiple complications. There is a success rate in surgery as well, but not everybody is a candidate for surgery. These treatments were not available, the stem cell treatments, the plasma rich platelet treatments, were not available to mainstream public a few years ago, but now they are. This gives a very, very viable alternative for these kind of patients.

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